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A cat that walks by itself

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The performance is based on the fairy tale of Rudyard Kipling and opens the viewer to the magical world that is born here and now. The narrators are actors, musicians and an artist who, like ancient shamans, create the illusion of the primitive world in order to bring beauty to this one.

In the play, the art of the puppet theater resembles the traditional theater of Indonesia, and the play of shadows creates the effect of a lively cartoon. The artist draws the scenery directly during the action. And musicians create electronic music using authentic instruments and their own voice.

And together, all this gives rise to the story of those distant times when the world has ceased to be wild, and primitive people and animals are equal. And only the Cat, who was walking by himself, was able to save his freedom and get an honorable place in the cave. This myth returns the viewer to the point of reference, because it continues to this day.

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