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Cat and Cockerel

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Kobzar tells Ukrainian folk tale "Kotik and Cockerel" playing the bandura. And our fairy tale is about two inextricable friends: Kotka and Cockerel.

The cat is engaged in hunting, and the Cock has to sit in the house and not leave it! So the cats warn him. Because the cunning and insidious Fox has long been hunting for the Cockerel and trying to lure it out of the house for anything. But Fox does not calm down. She lures the Cockerel from the house with a peanut or a bean seed. Everything is useless!

And only when Fox promises Cowberry poppy cake, Hut does not stand and agrees to leave the house. That's just Fox and waited! She grabs him and runs away with her to her house.

And as Katya managed to save his friend from danger and teach Fox, you will see in our play.

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