Beauty and the Beast

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Fairy-tale extravaganza "Beauty and the Beast"

From the first minutes of the performance, the viewer is immersed in the history of the castle, which was cursed and in which all people are turned into things, and the prince - in a terrible beast. In the performance, viewers take an active part in games and quizzes, help the heroes on their way to making their dreams come true. Human values, revealed by actors on the stage, encourage the young viewer to be proud of their decision, forming the makings of humanity in children.

The performance is backed by high-quality live vocals, it will give you and your children a fairy tale and an irresistible faith in a miracle that will surely happen, we will put a little effort into it. The happy ending of our history, will give children the conviction that with persistent work our dreams will necessarily come true, and, most importantly, the future depends only on ourselves ....

The heroes of our fairy tale - Belle Belle, Lumiere, Monster, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are waiting to meet you.

Duration - 1 hour

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