Who is this Dormaglot?

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Syncretic action "Who is such a Dormaglot?"

An exciting story about the princess Margarita, who turned the goldfish into a gigantic bee for excessive selfishness and hustle and bustle. About them the younger sister Nastjun, cheerful and benevolent, who dreams to find loyal friends, and along with a devoted spray and a cat sail sailfish "Dirty Lion" to meet adventure.

There are lots of music and dances in the tale, a world of magical transformations awaits you and a meeting in the jungle with the mysterious magician Darmaglot. Admiral Kusaki sells ice cream here, captain Kurduplik sings for the Queen of the Arias, and the King travels in search of treasures. The true love of Gardener to Margarita overcomes all the obstacles on the way of lovers, and most importantly in the New Year, according to one of the characters, never lose hope and love yourself as you are.

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