Bathing in the Sounds of the Gongs

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Why go to the concert meditation "Bathing in the Sounds of the Gongs" with Alice and Richard Eylyakas?

1. Their music penetrates deeply into consciousness and brings calm. Amazing instruments, collected from different corners of our planet, create during the concert a healing sound aura.
2. Bathing in the sounds of gong - is a healing of man at all levels of life: physical, mental, energy.
3. At the concerts of Alicia and Richard, people experience ease and refreshment, enjoying music and being in unity and harmony with the world.

For the first time in Ukraine legendary gong masters Alicia and Richard Eyliaskas (Lithuania) with concerts-meditations!

The whole world consists of sound vibrations, and getting them into resonance heals and creates harmony.

Concerts are held in an unusual format for a listener - a format of meditation: a deep mental and bodily relaxation.

Powerful Gongs, Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, flute, vibrating Pythagorean monochord create a unique musical stream, a sound that will never happen again - so you can describe the music at the Bathing concert in the sounds of the gongs. Their concerts are a new experience of meeting with Him. Powerful vibrations pass through the body, purifying and filling with new forces.

Concert-meditation is always a work of consciousness, the purge of the energy field, as well as mental programs and conditionality. In a strong resonant field of gongs, our intentions and thoughts find special force.

Discover a tremendous transformational power in yourself that will heal and inspire!

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