Quartet I. There is not something in Borenka

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Why is it worth going to the play "...There is not something in Borenka"?

1. To see the live artists from the Quartet I
2. To see the performance that gathered the last time the theatrical sold-out
3. Find out what is not in Borenka

The "Quartet I" Theater returns to Kiev with the play "...There is not something in Borenka"!

The premiere of the play for the Kiev public took place last December, and both premieres were held at full notice, all tickets were sold out in a matter of days and there was a real theatrical sold-out! And already on December 15 and 16 in the Oktyabrsky Palace "Quartet I" will again present the favorite performance to the audience: "...There is not something in Borenka".

Unlike the previous works of the Quartet - "Conversations of middle-aged men" and "Letters and songs of middle-aged men", where artists communicate with the audience as if from their own person, and the narrative looks almost an accidental chain of memories and reflections - what should be in the theater: a play, a plot, characters, conflicts...

Maxim Vitorgan, who plays the main character, Borenka, will appear in the image of a successful film director, who suddenly realizes that he is fatally tired of serials about "cops and bandits" and decides to create a movie about himself, about our time and human relations, typical for this time.

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