Kyiv Modern Ballet. Nutcracker. Radu Poklitaru

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We invite you to a trip to a country called Childhood together with the magnificent artists of Kyiv Modern Ballet and the Nutcracker ballet! Favorite story and amazing presentation will not leave anyone indifferent.

Why go to the Kyiv Modern Ballet. The Nutcracker?

1. The production of "The Nutcracker" ballet Radu Poklitaru is becoming a good Christmas tradition.
2. A fairy tale comes to life on stage and gives a grand impression.
3. It is already impossible to imagine the main holiday of winter without a beautiful performance of the famous choreographer.

"Kyiv Modern Ballet" Radu Poklitaru with the performance "The Nutcracker" on the stage of the October Palace

From December 5 to January 12 on the stage of the October Palace – an incredible performance of "The Nutcracker" Kyiv Modern Ballet. A bold interpretation of the classic plot, unusual images of the heroes of a famous fairy tale – all this again on the main stage of the country!

In the creative piggy bank of the choreographer Radu Poklitaru, "The Nutcracker" occupies a special place, being the favorite New Year's performance of Kyiv residents and guests of the capital. Come with the whole family!

The Nutcracker ballet by Radu Poklitaru: an incredible show in Kyiv!

"The Nutcracker" Ballet by Radu Poklitaru will be performed by one of the best groups in Ukraine and Europe – Kyiv Modern Ballet. Under the direction of Radu Poklitaru, this ballet has won many high awards in the world of art and popular love. A unique combination of talent and professionalism allows artists to combine theater, dance, literature and even a share of mysticism in their work. After all, "The Nutcracker" is a phantasmagoria ballet.

You are waiting for a complete immersion in a fairy tale, where there will be meetings with little Marie, the brave Nutcracker, the insidious Mouse King... An adult audience will be able to go back to the world of carefree childhood, and young viewers will be delighted with a vivid emotional performance.

Kyiv Modern Ballet and "The Nutcracker" were marked in 2007 by the "Kyivska pektoral" as the "Event of the Year."

Libretto, choreography, production – Radu Poklitaru.
Scenography – Andrii Zlobin.
Costume Designer – Hanna Ipatieva.
The assistant to the choreographer – Anatolii Kozlov.
The duration of the performance is 1 hour 40 minutes.

Where to buy the best tickets for the Kyiv Modern Ballet "The Nutcracker" Radu Poklitaru?

You can buy tickets for the performance of Radu Poklitrau "The Nutcracker" in Kyiv right now at Electronic tickets and tickets with delivery are available.

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