La bonne Anna or how to save the family?

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A light and laid-back French comedy on the stage of the Theater in Podol!

There is everything - romance, intrigue and curiosity, juicy details, as well as classic problems of family life, which are solved by very non-standard methods. Interesting? Then hurry up to buy a ticket to the theater for "La bonne Anna, or How to save the family" in Kiev with the help of our poster!

The witty comedy of Mark Camoletti

The plot tells of a popular, in many ways anecdotal situation - when we lack attention and love in the family, some look for it on the side ... The husband leaves, referring to a business trip, and the wife tells him that she was going to her parents. As a result, both spouses return to their apartment with their lovers. The case already smells of fried, and the marriage is approaching its collapse ... But the situation is rescued in time by Anna, a clever maid who not only keeps their family with tricks and cunning, but also causes the feelings of the spouses to flare up in a new way!

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