La bonne Anna. Or how to save a family

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The theater on Podol invites you to the play "La bonne Anna." Or how to save the family. " On the stage of the small hall of the Palace "Ukraine". Choose a suitable date - and come!

When you need to cheer up, relax, relax, better means than comedy "La bonne Anna" can not think of. Waiting for you!

Incongruous coincidences and coincidences can destroy a family. It would have happened, if not for the maid Anna - she skillfully juggled with problems, and managed to prevent the conflict.

How clever she does it!

I want to watch and enjoy - and so all 2 hours and 20 minutes. with intermission. All this time, the smart and quick-witted Anna with ease, smelling a cigarette, protects the family from, it seems, inevitable collapse. And the husband and wife are rushing about, as if they are little children, who have not been lucky enough to grow up.

Funny and ridiculous situations, funny dialogues - all this is a typical comedy of positions from the classic in the genre of French tabloid plays by Mark Camoletti. Interesting and fun will be exactly, because the setting is engaged za. Ukraine Igor Slavinsky. His sense of humor helped make the play playful and positive. In the production also participated Sofia Ludwichenko and Tatiana Antonova.

• Production Director - Maria Pogrebnyak

• Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

• Music design - Vladimir Borisov

No time for autumn depression! It's time to book tickets faster, take your friends along - and go ahead on the charge positively from the comedy "La bonne Anna. Or how to save the family! "

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