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Ladies' Night

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The play is based on the story of six friends who lost their jobs. The guys besiege local bars, pouring beer over their failed lives and domestic problems. But soon everything will change in their lives after seeing an advertisement in one of the newspapers:

"LADIES' NIGHT. Only for women. Admission is $200."
So comes the decision to do a show in a familiar bar and get an opportunity to earn good money. None of them had done anything like this before. They are scary and funny at the same time, and in the finale of this unusual story - an enchanting show for women: the striptease of the METALLURGY brigade - in full force.

Actors and roles:

  • Greg - Mykhailo Ignatov
  • Vesli – Aram Arzumanyan
  • Norman - Yevhen Yukhnovets
  • Barry — Valery Shvets/Dmytro Solovyov
  • Kevin - Volodymyr Gladky
  • Graham - Pavlo Ivlyushkin
  • Bernie - Stanislav Kovalevskyi
  • Glenda - Iryna Bessarab / Olena Yashchenko

The performance premiered in 2005


✅ Age limit +18
⌚ Duration: 195 minutes with an intermission

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from 250 ₴