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Why should you go to Lady Opera?

1. Hear voices that conquered the audience of La Scala and Arena di Verona.
2. Enjoy the masterpieces of the world opera and appreciate the bright premiere.
3. Rate only music, but also the latest visual effects and graphics.

The grand international project Lady Opera, which has gained the commitment of thousands of music lovers in Ukraine and abroad, will be 5 years old!

At the invitation of his founder, the main performer and producer - the famous opera singer, People's Artist of Ukraine Olga Chubareva - along with Lady Opera will be distinguished guests from Italy: Lorenzo Decaro and Oreste Cosimo - brilliant tenors involved in the most magnificent opera productions. In the performance of this constellation, the artists will have both classical arias and masterpieces from the golden fund of the world pop and classic crossover as well-known compositions as unexpected premieres.

The famous orchestra and choir of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, headed by Dmitry Antoniuk, will be led by Giorgio Croci, the true musical legend of Italy. During his career, Giorgio performed in the best halls of Europe and the United States, in his turn - cooperation with such stars of the first magnitude as Chechilya Bartoli, Roberto Alanya, Angela Gheorgio, Maria Gulegina and others.

Well-known in Ukraine and abroad, ballet A-6 - regular participants of the Lady Opera project - will show enormous dance numbers, and the creative design team will impress the audience with the latest visual effects and graphics.

Over the course of five years, the Lady Opera project brings together fans of musical art - lively and authentic, elegant and stylish. The art that unites the country and introduces Ukraine into the European cultural space. The fascinating and sublime art of amazement and brilliance - and leaves no one indifferent.

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