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Awesome news! This year, the Ukrainian “Pearl by the Sea” is celebrating the annual International Music Festival LAIMA RENDEZVOUS ODESA '2019.

For several years now, the stylish and immensely talented Laima has been the inspiration behind the Laima Vaikule festival in Latvia. Warm Jurmala became a place of creative meetings. And now the long-awaited and unforgettable musical festival will take place in Odessa. A new round in the history of the Rendezvous with Laima Vaikule and a great gift to all Ukrainians!

Laima Vaikule - Odessa - Rendezvous in the summer theater "Sea Port"

The Laima Vaikule Festival in Odessa will be held from 8 to 10 August. This is the time when the heat of July recedes slowly, but the mood for a pleasant rest is still preserved. And for good reason. After all, concerts of Laima Vaikule, her Rendezvous, are presented to the public with full impressions of meetings with famous and novice performers and contemporary bands. In the history of LAIMA RENDEZVOUS - performances of Christina Orbakaite, Verka Serdyuchka, Vladimir Presnyakov, Edita Pyekha, Soso Pavliashvili, Zlata Ognevich, many other artists and, of course, the mistress of the festival - Laima Vaikule.

Laima Vaikule in Odessa: Three Incredible Popular Music Evenings

The Laima Vaikule concert is always a real creative coup. The delightful singer invariably appears in unexpected bright images in front of her fans. And just imagine how many impressions LAIMA RENDEZVOUS ODESA will give for three days!

More than 30 Ukrainian and foreign artists will appear on the festival stage: Irina Bilyk, Vakhtang Kikabidze, Tina Karol, Arsen Mirzoyan, KAZKA, Tomas N'evergreen, NK, Leprikonsy, Vopli Vidoplyasova, Bez Obmezhen and others.

What awaits the audience at the Lime Vaikule 2019 concert:

  • August 8 - the start of the music marathon. At the big gala concert will perform real pop stars.
  • On August 9, a concert from two departments awaits the guests. In the first, a new program “The Queen of the Baltic States” from favorite and completely new compositions will be presented. The famous ballet show Freedom will bring piquant notes to the action. In the second part, spectacular duets will perform and unexpected covers of Lyme hits will be performed.
  • On August 10, the audience will have a great tandem of music and humor. For the second component are responsible members of the “League of Laughter”, “Masks Show”, Valery Zhidkov and other bright artists.

And LAIMA RENDEZVOUS ODESA is a sea of surprises and every day - new star presenters!

All this awaits you in the summer theater "Sea Station", the largest open-air concert hall near the sea. Favorite songs, pop stars and a gentle sea breeze - a great cocktail!

Hurry up to buy tickets! The price starts from 290 UAH.
Order a subscription for three days at a special price of 990 UAH. There is also a choice of great places!

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