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Paul Manondiz presents his program "Le Concert"

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Paul Manondiz in Odessa! A concert of the French singer Paul Manondiz will take place in the Big Hall of the Odessa Philharmonic, which will present his premiere concert program "LeConcert".

The concert will feature parts from the best French musicals. The artist is the owner of the "Golden Prize" of the Brussels Conservatory and the Honored Worker of Pop Art of Ukraine. Paul Manondiz is the first European singer to receive such a title. And this is NOT an accident. Indeed, for the sake of love, the singer and composer left his native France, moved to Ukraine and even sang in Russian!

Premiere program "Le Concert" This story is reflected in the video for the song "Kiss", which has already gained more than 4 million views. The charm, lyricism and melodiousness of Paul Manondiz found many Ukrainian fans and the Le Concert program is a gift for all fans of high-quality French music. Passion, love, sophistication and elegance are intertwined in the songs of Paul Manondiz into one exquisite pattern. This is a real musical pleasure that cannot be denied! To get to the concert of Paul Manondiz in Odessa, buy tickets on our website and at the box office of the city. Ticket prices range from 270 to 1450 hryvnia. Where to hear a real French chansonnier in Odessa? At the concert of Paul Manondiz!

Recognized European singer
Compositions from the best French musicals
The charm and passion of a real chansonnier

Paul Manondise songs:
In your eyes
My first love
guys went
My mother-in-law loves lard

Works will be performed:

1. Intro - palladio

2. Penser l'impossible (mozart l'opéra rock)

3.Place je passe (mozart rock opéra)

4. Déchiré (notre dame de Paris)

5. J'accuse mon père (mozart l'opéra rock)

6. Belle (notre dame de Paris)

7.Le troublion (mozart l'opéra rock)

8.Ça ira mon amour (les amants de la Bastille

9.C'est pas ma faute (Roméo et Juliette

10. Je dors sur des roses (mozart l'opéra rock

Works will be performed:

1. Tu vas me détruire (notre dame de Paris

2.Le bien qui fait mal (mozart l'opéra rock)

3. L'assasymphonie (mozart l'opéra rock

4. Le temps des cathédrales (notre dame de Paris)

5. Comment lui dire (Roméo et Juliette)

6. La cour des miracles (notre dame de Paris)

7. Les cloches (notre dame de Paris

8. Quand le rideau tombe (mozart l'opéra rock

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