London Royal Ballet: Swan Lake

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Why go to the Swan Lake of the London Royal Ballet?

1. The Excellence The Royal Opera House.
2. A classic that will never lose its relevance.
3. Enjoy the wonderful music and sharpened movements of the artists.

In the Ukraine cinema, important events will be held both for ballet lovers and for fans of unusual cinema. Symbiosis of performance and documentary - "Swan Lake" from the London Royal Ballet. If you have never been to such shows, then it's time to get acquainted with this interesting phenomenon.

And if they have already happened, you do not need to be persuaded. "Swan Lake", from the distant 1934 birth, occupies a special place in the work of the Royal Ballet. This season will give a new life to the traditional version. For this purpose, Liam Scarlett was invited, who will bring additional choreography. The actor remains faithful to the texts of Ivanov and Petipa, but rethinkes the whole production of his beloved classical ballet, along with the most talented designer John McFarlene.

The story is familiar to many. Prince Siegfried during a hunt meets a beautiful swarm of swans. One of the birds turns into a beautiful Odette. And impressed by her charm, the prince is no longer able to take a look. However, on Odette there is a terrible spell: only at night, she becomes a man. "Swan Lake" is the first ballet by Peter Tchaikovsky. Given the firmly entrenched status, perhaps the most beloved of classical ballet productions, it is hard for us to imagine that in 1877, its prime minister was a failure.

Thanks to the editorship of Lev Ivanov and Petipa, made in 1895, the ballet entered the golden treasury of culture. This success was brought not only by Tchaikovsky's sublime, elegant music, but also by a stunning choreographic contrast between lyrical scenes on the shore of the lake and in the royal palace. It will be unforgettable! Waiting for you!

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