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Lady Bug and Super Cat

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Why should you go to the performance "Lady Bug and the Super Cat"?

  1. Favorite superheroes of modern children.
  2. Dynamic plot and dizzying special effects.
  3. New bright impressions and a good mood for everyone.

Interactive performance for children

We invite everyone to a wonderful children's play "Lady Bug and the Super Cat"! The new interactive show, where the main characters are the favorite characters of millions of children, will create a real holiday for young viewers and their parents.
Hurry up to order tickets!

Incredible adventures of brave superheroes on stage

"Lady Bug and the Super Cat" is a bright performance, during which the teenage superheroes will once again have to protect their city from evil forces. After all, the cunning Brazhnyk and supervillains have prepared an insidious plan with the most dangerous traps for Kwami. And Lady Bug and Super Cat will have to find thieves and take away magical talismans.
Extraordinary adventures, fiery dances, spectacular costumes, modern visualization and lighting solutions will give new unforgettable impressions. Come, and you will remember a wonderful performance for a long time!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Lady Bug and Super Cat"?

You can buy tickets for the performance "Lady Bug and Super-Kit" online at Concert.ua.

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