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Legacy 'The Flying Georgian New' on July 14 and 15 in Kyiv! The cult Caucasian dance theater Legacy is coming to the October Palace in Kyiv with a new program 'The Flying Georgian New'.

Why go to the Legacy Theater's production of 'The Flying Georgian New'?

  1. See first-class contemporary Georgian choreography;
  2. Feel the unusual combination of Georgian folk dances and classical ballet;
  3. Try to understand the dance language reinvented by the Legacy Theater.

Tickets for the play 'The Flying Georgian New' from the Legacy Theater are already on sale

On June 14 and 15, 4 concerts of the Georgian Legacy Dance Theater will take place, which will bring the program 'The Flying Georgian New' to Kyiv as part of the world tour.

Legacy know all about expressing feelings in motion. The program was first presented in 2008 at the theater. Rustaveli. The project leaders, twin sisters Maka and Eka Vacheishvili, combined European, jazz, classical and traditional dances into one fantastic theatrical production.

Legacy Dance Theater with The Flying Georgian New at the October Palace

The musical accompaniment of the performance is also rethought folk compositions that sound completely new. Recordings of the orchestra for performances are made by a famous figure of the Georgian music scene, Rustavi Ekomaishvili. To do this, they search for ancient songs, they make arrangements that give them an unusual and modern sound.

Part of the program is a kartula, better known as Lezginka - a traditional pair dance that reflects the love of a man and a woman.

Where to buy tickets for Legacy dancers with The Flying Georgian New?

Follow the poster on the Concert.ua website!

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