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Chinese fairy tale

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LEGEND ABOUT THE FOX AND THE CRANE! Have you ever been to China? Oh, this is an amazing country. So many secrets! So much wisdom! So many fairy tales! How many legends!

The ancient Chinese legend of the fox and the crane comes to life on the stage! This wise instructive story will be very useful for raising children, and adults will also like it.

What is the foundation of true friendship? What can destroy the relationship of good friends? What needs to be done to regain lost relationships and restore harmony in the heart and the world around us?

Find out all this by watching the new performance of the Odessa Academic Puppet Theater - an amazingly beautiful story in a unique Chinese style! Colorful characters, picturesque scenography, impressive choreography, sunny Chinese humor - all this awaits you in the most magical theater of Odessa!

Stage Director - Yuri Chaika
Set Designer - Vyacheslav Cherepinsky
Choreographer - Oleg Gusarenko
Musical arrangement - honored. art worker of Ukraine Sergey Zolotarev

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