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The legend of eternal love. Stories in the style of tango

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An evening of modern ballets

The legend of eternal love

Ballet in one act
The duration of the ballet is 30 minutes

"Since ancient times, two stars, bright and brilliant, wandered across the sky. One was hot, the other cold.

And on earth in one small village lived a girl named Moon. She fell in love with a young man named Sun who lived next door.

Meanwhile, the girl's parents betrothed her to a powerful evil sorcerer named La-ya. He tried to force the Moon to become his wife by magic, but, despite all his power, he could not achieve anything.

Having lost hope, La-ya decided to separate her from the Sun and planned to settle each of them on one of the two stars shining in the sky. So the girl ended up on a cold star, and the young man - on a hot one.

But even this did not give peace to La-ya, and he arranged with his sorcery so that a hot star appeared in the sky only during the day, and a cold one - only at night.

From that time to this day, people see the Sun in the sky during the day, and the Moon at night. Lonely and embittered, La-ya walks the world, separating lovers' hearts, and sends young men to the sun, and girls to the moon. And the poor lovers were destined to see each other only for a brief moment of solar eclipse."

Stories in the style of Tango

Modern ballet in one act
The duration of the ballet is 40 minutes

"Tango is like a sincere conversation between lonely hearts, it is a secret danced by two people.

This is a ballet about four fateful stories, in each of which lonely hearts are looking for a close interlocutor on a journey through life.

Will they succeed?”