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Sparkling comedy about female happiness in star performance!

This morning she woke up not alone. Who is he, the mysterious stranger, suddenly found in her bed? Or is it not a stranger at all, but quite the opposite - she just did not immediately recognize him?

The main role is the favorite of the public, the folk actress of Odessa Irina Tokarchuk, known to all for the role of Sima in the TV program “Gentleman-show” and many roles in theater and cinema! With the participation of the popular actor of theater and cinema Sergey Yurkov and the rising star of the Odessa stage Ilya Bolotov!

From the director of the performances "Balamuta" and "Sunset" Elena Pushkina!

According to the play by the famous Ukrainian comedian Alexander Volodarsky (the author of variety monologues Klara Novikova, Efim Shifrin, Vladimir Vinokur, Gennady Khazanov, scriptwriter of the comedy serials Friendly Family, Jamaica, Donut Lucy and others)!

One and a half hours of laughter and positive is the best theatrical antidepressant of the year - on our stage and only for you!

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