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Leningrad. Final concert

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The group "Leningrad" needs no introduction! Shnurov's voice is heard everywhere, he is quoted, excerpts from his songs turn into speech, and the clips beat all records on the views.

In 2019, "Leningrad" is sent to his farewell world tour. Cords and his team plan to visit a huge number of cities, including Chisinau. On August 30, you have the last chance to become part of the mad whirlpool of Lening Rudosti!

The concert will be held at the festival site of the Arboretum Park. And this means: thousands of impetuous fans, tons of the "necessary" drink and hundreds of kilowatts of pure sound. Get ready for an explosion of emotions and do not forget to repeat the words of your favorite songs. The concert will be the brightest and will go down in history as the epic ending of the band's dizzy legend.

We warn in advance - the number of tickets is limited. Fans come from all nearby countries and Europe. Be careful - catch the tickets for yourself and your loved ones.

Bus tour Odessa - Chisinau - Odessa!
The collection of buses starts at 08:00 08/30/2019
Address: Italian Boulevard, 15
Sign up for seats in the bus by phone: 067-654-06-86

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