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Les Podervyanskyi

27.04 - 06.06 Events: 2
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Les Podervyanskyi will take place thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Concerts of the unsurpassed Ukrainian satirist Les Podervyanskyi will be held in Ukrainian cities.

Why should you go to Les Podervyansky's concert?

  1. Start the year on a positive note in the company of a talented author.
  2. Enjoy the new Classic Plays and New Stories program.
  3. Experience special emotions that can only be obtained at a concert by Les Podervyanskyi.

Unique Les Podervyansky with concerts in Ukrainian cities

We invite you to the concert of the cult representative of the Ukrainian artistic underground, Les Podervyanskyi! The sharp, relevant and always apt author's words, unique style and simply limitless creative potential of a famous Ukrainian are exactly what everyone needs in these difficult times.

Let's charge for victory and optimism together with the brilliant author!

Tickets can be ordered online.

New groundbreaking program "Classic plays and new stories": meet Les Podervyanskyi in your city

The program "Classic plays and new stories" includes all your favorite masterpieces such as the plays "Katsapa", "Hamlet", "Nirvana", as well as completely new works. Once again, the wonderful author will amaze with his virtuoso mastery of the lively and sophisticated Ukrainian checkmate. And also - it will surely touch the most painful: the full-scale war unleashed in Ukraine by Russia. So there will be many reasons for sincere loud laughter, as well as for deep philosophical reflections.

You will like it, come!

Where to buy tickets for Les Podervyansky's concert?

Tickets for Les Podervyansky's concert can be purchased online at Concert.ua.

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from 300 ₴