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Pilot and Rose

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Romantic stories about crazy love

A talented handsome man, a scion of an old aristocratic family, tall, stately, charming - he was loved by the women of Paris, New York, Casablanca and Buenos Aires, as well as all other cities where fate and work would not throw him. Some of them truly loved him with all their hearts, some - they just wanted to bask in the rays of his world fame. And he had a big loving heart, in which there was enough room for everyone

Life as bright as a flash. Life is like Love

A play about endless and touching love stories of one of the most subtle and sincere romantics of the 20th century: Count Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Everyone knows him as the author of one of the most published literary works in the world: "The Little Prince" - probably there is no person in the world who at least has not heard that such a work exists, even if he has not read it. Thousands of rehash, retellings, interpretations! And Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote the novels "Southern Post", "Night Flight", "Planet of People" and "Citadel" (published after the death of the author) ... And many more essays and articles ... And he was also a pilot ... Flight through life for two wings

Only at the "Maskam Rad" theater
Performance based on the play by Inna Goncharova
Director Pyotr Mironov
Scenography Pyotr Mironov
Composer and musical arrangement Inna Goncharova
Cast: Pyotr Mironov, Inna Goncharova

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