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Why go to Lido de Paris?

1. Lido de Paris is a French cabaret of world renown.
2. The new show reflects the best achievements of the team in 40 years.
3. Full immersion in the attractive atmosphere of the famous Parisian cabaret awaits you.

The famous Parisian cabaret "LIDO DE PARIS" presents in the Palazzo Ukraine a staggering performance by Franco Dragon The Legend! Only for adult audience. Do not miss!

In Kyiv, the show Lido de Paris will be held as part of the world tour of the celebrated show. This is the first tour of the world scale for the famous team. And the audience is already looking forward to an unforgettable show with a Parisian style that is peculiar to him. On the Champs Elysees productions of the theater "Lido" annually come to see more than 500 thousand spectators. Each program submits to unprecedented technical execution.

Over the years of the cabaret, more than 30 great shows have been created. The creator of the new, Frank Dragon has been inspired by the variety of Parisian cabaret performances in the last four decades. One of the most famous works of the director is the production for Cirque du Soleil. Her participants were professional dancers and great circus artists.

The New Legend's The Legend is a story about a fabulously beautiful Paris and its muses, a story of a Parisian woman. Modern visualization, talent of dancers, luxurious music will curl your head. Are waiting for you!

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