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In late January, humorous groups from all over the globe will come to the capital of humor for the main goal - to get out of season.

Before the viewers of the channel “1 1” you can find out the names of the lucky participants of the League season. You can buy tickets for the festival gala concert now.

The Laughter League has become one of the most popular television comedy shows.

Adults and children join the fan clubs of the best Championship teams, quote jokes and look forward to new releases of the programs. The new anniversary season of the Laughter League starts with the annual Festival. And the city of Odessa is traditionally chosen as the venue for the Festival.

The concert shooting will be divided into two parts: two full-fledged events with a different composition of participants. You need a separate ticket for each part. The star cast of judges and the host of the project, Evgeny Kosheva, will remain unchanged.

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