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Why go to the lantern?

1. Absolutely new format - music illusion for the whole family.
2. A show that will make adults return to childhood, and give children the opportunity to feel at the center of attention and understand that the Star lives in each of us!
3. Author's dynamic symbiosis of impressive vocal numbers from the best young performers of our country accompanied by jazz orchestra and unexpected directorial decisions that can erase the thin line between imagination and reality.

Recently, in Ukraine, an original musical performance for the whole family "Lantern" has appeared. Stories come to life ", which immerses in a fairy tale for several months in a row and presents a real journey to the measurement of music, beauty and talent for viewers of all ages.

More than 20 impressions! Hundreds of enthusiastic parents and children on every show! Hundreds of sincere reviews and thank-you hearts. All this is a truly family show "Lantern. Stories come to life. "

You need to see "Lantern" because :
• This is the first regular family show in Ukraine that is interesting to every spectator, regardless of age. Kyiv finally has a striking analogue of the Broadway musical in a good combination with the dinner-show format.
• This is a show featuring 34 artists! And basically these are children, small stars from different talent shows of our country. And only here you will hear and see them in the most unexpected sounds of your favorite Disney cartoons.
• This is a live accompaniment of the jazz band that generates music here and now, and it sounds not only thanks to the "Play" button pressed. The true exclusive to the educational mission for the youngest spectators.
• This is a unique and stellar composition of the creators of the show: from the inspiration of the project Olena Kolyadenko and her students, stage directors of the show Pavlo Bondarenko and Igor Kuleshina, to the artistic director of the show Kseniya Osyka (director of the production center "Talant Production").
• This is your perfect family lifestyle. Only here an emotional explosion and aesthetic pleasure are automatically added bonus to each ticket!

Together with their families, a fantastic journey into the world of fantasies and children's dreams has already been made: Anatoliy Anatolych, Snizhana Egorova, Olga Shurova, Stasya Rovinskaya, Andriy Dzhedzhula, Kishe, Arkady Rytsyn, Timur Miroshnichenko, Adam band, Oleksiy Goncharenko, Yuri Tkach and others. .

Anatoly Anatolych about the show : "It was very cool. I was delighted, literally with an open mouth, watching what was happening. It was interesting to observe how everyone finds something in this show. For example, the son of Andriy Dzhedjuly, who was older than my daughters, was clearly keen on Ani Trincher's performance, but we recognized and castigated other characters: Elzy, Aladdin, Moani singed with pleasure. I'm sure we'll come see this show more than once. "

Andrew Dzhedzhula about the show : "The Caribbean club once again surprised with its fantastic project and professional undercurrent. A beautiful, incredibly bright and good show, which my dad, my son and I - people of the third generation, looked at with great interest. "

"Flashlight" will help children and parents to spend time together, putting aside all gadgets, stop the struggle of reality from online and show that the world of fantasy and creativity is more interesting than the virtual space! Come and share your photo on social networks with hashtag # lantern. Do it the next Sunday, which is guaranteed to become unforgettable!

Tale begins here and now!

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