Liked. The best performance about social networks

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Why should you go to the play Liked?

1. Look at life in social networks on the other hand
2. Take part in the interactive production
3. Visit the solo performance - an interesting and popular genre in the modern theater

The play "Liked" is an embodiment of shocking, unexpected theatrical experiments and a bright acting game.

Interactive production attracts every viewer into an unforgettable theatrical performance. From the first minutes of the performance, the viewer participates in the production. You will witness a story that reveals in all its glory modern reality. For the main character, the virtual world replaces the real life. To get one more "like" is almost the main goal of life. You are waiting for funny episodes and situations that open up virtual life on the other side.

A fascinating solo performance with a wide range of emotions, starting with empathy and ending with a contagious laugh. Each viewer is guaranteed to receive an incredible positive charge. The reality of the modern world will open in the most unexpected colors, and you will be able to look at the numerous ordinary things or situations from the side.

The main character constantly gets into awkward and funny situations, while the virtual world draws him even more, almost completely replacing the real joys of life. The main role is played by Yuri Dyak, who won the love and recognition of numerous viewers with a talented play in the theater and cinema.

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