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Lisapet battalion

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Concerts of the Lisapetny battalion band will take place on a tour of Ukraine!

Why should you go to a concert of the band Lisapetniy Battalions?

  1. The main singing laughter therapists of the country.
  2. Loud presentation of the new album.
  3. Unforgettable impressions from communication with your favorite artists.

A big concert by the Lisapetny Battalion band

The Lisapet Battalion is a favorite group of Ukrainians, a real People's Theater of Song, led by the charismatic and positive Nataliya Falion. Bright winners of the well-known project "Ukraine has talent" are actively conducting concert activities today, which only gain new momentum every year. Talented amateurs who have conquered the big stage, carry their lisapet through the picturesque spaces of Ukraine and charge everyone with their boundless energy.

Healing positivity to help Ukrainians

The Lisapet battalion will present a powerful concert program to guests and city residents.

Where to buy tickets for the Lisapetny Battalion concert?

Order your tickets today while there are still seats in the hall. To do this, go to Concert.ua.

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