Forest song

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One of the most poetic plays of Lesya Ukrainka "Forest Song" is a drama extravaganza.

Kiev Academic Theater adheres to this genre, creating a real fantasy world on stage. This is a unique theater performance for the evening scene, which combines the means of expressiveness of a live performer and one of the most sophisticated types of theatrical puppets - puppet.

According to the plan of the directors, the scene of the performance is an ancient Slavic temple, an altar. The performance reflects the entire calendar cycle of the ritual rites of the ancient Slavs. In the eyes of the viewer, the seasons change, symbolically echoes with the stages of a person's life - youth, youth, maturity and old age. All these stages are experienced and the main characters of the drama extravaganza: M, Lukash, Uncle Leo, Mother Lukash, Akulina, Perelesnik.

The performance subtly reflects the poetic world of drama by Lesya Ukrainka and vividly presents the unique folklore world of Volyn, in which the playwright herself was in love.

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