Forest song

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Forest song

The first Ukrainian work in the genre of "fantasy", the love story of a simple country boy Lukash and forest dryad Mavka.

This play embodies the popular perception of the world around us, the ancient mythological thinking of Ukrainians, the search for oneself in the modern world.

The magical world of ancient stories and fairy tales, otherworldly forest heroes comes into contact with the human world, and the problem of human relations arises - in the person of Lukash, his mother, Kilina’s widow, and nature - in Mavka and other forest dwellers. After all, people are used to treating nature as a consumer!

Using natural gifts, a person does not notice his malicious actions. Meeting with the fantasy world of the ancient forest and falling in love with Mavka, Lukash breaks the habitual way of his world and the magic world of the forest.

Mavka is the embodiment of not only the beauty and defenselessness of nature, but also the spiritual beauty of man, cannot be destroyed in everyday small worries. She is forever reborn.

The performance is in the Ukrainian language.

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