Lords of the Sound. Love story

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Why go to the Lords of the Sound. Love Story concert?

1. Surprise your beloved mate on this romantic evening
2. Plunge into a love story with the Lords of the Sound Symphony Orchestra, Whitney Houston, Gloria Gaynor and Ed Sheeran, the films Amelie, La La Land, Titanic and others.
3. The incredible grandeur of the main pearl of the city of Leo - the Opera House, combined with the best melodies, under which the whole world falls in love!

February 14 at 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm at the Lviv Opera House - the festive program “Love Story” for the Day of All Lovers: romantic music performed by the Lords of the Sound orchestra.

Every woman wants to spend Valentine's Day especially, she expects fabulousness, wants impressions and emotions.

And the Lords of the Sound will arrange for you a real symphonic-romantic evening!

Traditionally, the most famous Ukrainian orchestra will caress your ears with the melodious, sensual hits of world music from the repertoire of Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Gloria Gaynor, Sting, etc., as well as soundtracks from the most romantic films:

The Master and Margarita, Star Wars, Twilight, Titanic, The Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet, Amelie, Moulin Rouge, The Scent of a Woman, La La Land, The Crimson Peak, etc.

A special gift will be a block of lyrical rock ballads of the SCORPIONS group! In the symphonic arrangement, the imperishable compositions of musical titans, who have been tearing up scenes around the world for 50 years, will sound.

The vocalists Anna Khodorovskaya, Igor Petrov, Yaroslav Radionenko will also fill you with stormy emotions this evening.

The holiday of love, tenderness and sincere feelings on February 14 at the Lviv Opera House along with the Lords of the Sound orchestra in the program “Love Story” is a special gift for the Day of All Lovers.

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