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Why go to the Lords of the Sound concert?

1. Recall favorite movies and feel goosebumps
2. The best place to relax from everyday life, to get away from the usual circle of things - in the fantasy world created by music from the Lords of the Sound
3. Break the stereotype that classic is boring and uninteresting.

By popular demand of the viewer! The Lords of the Sound Symphony Orchestra will perform music from the wonderful fantasy world.

Spirit, magic and power are laid in every note, in every movement of the conductor and musicians performing the soundtracks from the cult films:

Game of Thrones, Vikings, Avengers, Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Van Helsing, The Chronicles of Narnia, Warcraft, Asterix and Obelisk, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Great Wall, as well as bright representatives of fantasy computer games : Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat, The Witcher, League of Legends.

They are very different in genre, in their plot, history, scenery, and one thing unites them - they allow us to feel ourselves in another reality. In reality, in which there is a place for fairy tales and myths, dragons, unseen beings, supernatural power, witchcraft and phenomena that are not amenable to the known laws of physics.

We do not know another planet or a parallel world, but staying in it is incredibly exciting. And without music, the picture would not be perfect.

Ukrainian Lords of the Sound form a new concept and reputation for the concept of "orchestra." The project is developing rapidly and has already become known throughout Ukraine and abroad. Conducting more than 50 concerts a year, the musicians create new programs, trying to reach the audience of all interests. Thus, attracting primarily the youth to the modern classics and orchestral music.

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