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Why is it worth going to a LSP concert?

1. New album. "Tragic City" is a kind of continuation of the album "Magic City", which was released in 2015. "Tragic City" came out on April 28 and immediately won respect among critics and colleagues in the shop.
2. Evaluate post-Soviet hip-hop, because LSP - one of the productive and quality of its performers.
3. LSP - a concert drive accompanied by a live band.

More recently, LSPs have collected less than a thousand people on small sites. On their way there were ups and downs, images and sound changed, the concept of the project and the main characters.

Autumn - and spring shows, dedicated to the release of the album Tragic City, turned to soldouts throughout the CIS. Therefore, in the autumn of 2018 LSP are ready to assemble Kiev. It will be hot!

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30 November 2018 19:00

Stereo Plaza, Kyiv

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from 400 UAH