Lubomyr Melnyk. Ukrainian Tour

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Why is it worth going to the concert of Lubomir Melnik?

1. He is known as the fastest pianist on the planet.
2. His music brings the sound of the instrument to a whole new level.
3. A composer who demonstrates an incredible and every time an impressive possession of the instrument.

Plunge into the breathtaking vortex of amazing piano sound! New breath of a noble instrument for you will discover the incredible composer Lubomir Melnik.

Lubomir Melnyk is undoubtedly one of the most significant figures in world culture in the last millennium. The Canadian virtuoso composer with Ukrainian roots is not only considered to be the fastest pianist who is able to extract 19.5 notes per second, but also the creator of the unique super-fast technique of the game. His author's notation and the technique of "continuous music" opens new facets of the touch of modern music. The composer is the author of many melodies created in this amazing technique, which, alas, no one but him undertakes to perform.

Listening to the melody of Lubomir Melnik, you find yourself in a fascinating whirlwind, which rolls over an avalanche and retreats to once again turn the listener of the water of incredible emotions. The Ukrainian tour of the composer is a unique opportunity to touch the unknown world of virtuosic music.

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