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Why should you go to the concert of Lubomyr Melnyk?

1. The previous concerts were sold out and the public does not get tired of asking for additional performances.
2. You will find all the best and new: an extended concert program, unexpected and interesting duets, communication with the audience.
3. Lubomyr Melnyk - one of the fastest pianists on the planet, more than 30 years ago, he set two Guinness World Records at once.

By popular demand, Lubomyr Melnyk returns to Ukraine with additional concerts as part of a world tour in honor of his 70th birthday!

The pianist could not react differently to daily requests and desires to hear his unique, uninterrupted music live again. In 2018 only, Lubomyr Melnyk played 23 concerts in Ukraine and dozens abroad. Additional concerts are becoming a good tradition! Another meeting is the best thanks for your love.

Lubomyr Melnyk is a composer and pianist of Ukrainian origin who is a pioneer of Continuous Piano Music. Classically trained, he strongly influenced the movement of minimalism in the early 1970s. He developed his own unique language for piano, named after the principle of maintaining a continuous flow of sound.

As a true innovator, he explored new trends in contemporary music. Lubomyr Melnyk is not only one of the fastest concert pianists in the world, his compositions also really bring the listener to new areas. Seeing and hearing one of his live performances is nothing but the discovery of a new sensible experience. Using fast and complex patterns of notes, the virtuoso creates overtones, which in rare moments combine, collide or even create new melodies, and thus form the composition in its original form.

In his 70 years, Lubomyr Melnyk is the author of more than 100 works, and in his discography he has more than 20 published albums. His talent is recognized by both musicians and world media. By showing the world a video on the song of Hristina Soloviy, he once again proved that music has no limits when two creative people come together to make something common, unbelievable, and that which no one expects from them.

Come and congratulate the maestro on your anniversary!

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