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Love in a SMART apartment

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Why should you go to the play "Love in a SMART apartment"?

1. Premiere of the play based on the play by an outrageous playwright Alexander Volos
2. The play is placed only in Dark Sofit
3. Dynamic plot, unexpected ending

Comedy based on the play of the scandalous playwright Alexander Volos

A young family, taking ten loans, buys a SMART apartment on the outskirts of the suburbs. By equipping their little cozy "nest" they face unexpected difficulties. The lack of water, sanitation and heat, as well as incomprehensible mystical phenomena. Strange inhabitants of the house who are right during the act of love, with their problems and a difficult story.

A bit of mysticism, a drop of chernukha and vulgar, a little bit of eroticism and "non-normative" and very, very much humor!

Comedy, which is written only for the theater "Dark Sofit". We guarantee that you will not see such a thing anywhere else!

Director: Elena Nevolko

Cast: Julia Zapolskaya, Anton Chaban, Anastasia Ornatskaya, Yuri Derenevsky, Vladimir Nevolko, Maria Chernous, Sanya Nevolko

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