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Nutcracker with Kateryna Kuhar in Kyiv! The ballet "The Nutcracker" with the participation of Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr Stoyanov will take place in the October Palace from December 25 to 31.

Why should you go to the ballet "The Nutcracker" with Kateryna Kuhar in Kyiv?

  1. A favorite classic of several generations - the best gift for the winter holidays.
  2. European ballet stars on stage.
  3. Fabulous atmosphere of the event for unforgettable memories.

Ballet "The Nutcracker" with Kateryna Kuhar in Kyiv

From December 25 to 31 on the stage of the October Palace - the world-famous ballet "The Nutcracker" with the unsurpassed Kateryna Kuhar in the lead female role!

On the eve of the most anticipated holiday of the year, everyone wants to touch the fairy tale. So the story of the girl Marie and the adventures of the Nutcracker in the magical kingdom will allow everyone to experience the magic of the New Year.

Come with the whole family and book your tickets today.

Music and plot that went down in the history of world ballet: "The Nutcracker" on the stage of the October Palace

The parts in the ballet "The Nutcracker" will be performed by prominent representatives of modern world ballet: Kateryna Kukhar, Alexander Stoyanov, Petra Conti and Joseph Gati. Sophisticated and graceful movements, full of bright emotions, to the music of the genius Tchaikovsky - this is an incredible pleasure for the audience.

The plot of the work is known to everyone from childhood. The charming Marzipan Kingdom, the brave girl Marie and the indomitable Nutcracker - it is their images that will come to life on stage to convey to you all the beauty and charm of high art.

The author of the staging is Marius Petipa.

Where to buy tickets for the ballet "The Nutcracker" with Kateryna Kuhar in Kyiv?

You can order tickets for the ballet "The Nutcracker" with Katerna Kuhar in Kyiv with the help of the online service Concert.ua.

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