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LvivMozArt International Festival of Classical Music is an art project that will bring together the best musicians of Ukraine and the world. And so every year!

Why Lviv?
Lviv is a unique city on the crossroads of eastern and western musical cultures, which is worthy of one of the most powerful festivals of classical music in Europe.

Why Mozart?
Franz Xaver Mozart - son of the brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a well-known teacher, pianist, conductor, composer. In 1808-1838 he lived in Lviv and actively worked on the musical environment of the city. He founded the choral society of Saint Cecilia, which was, in fact, the first musical union of the city, thus bringing Lviv to the cluster of important European musical centers. Therefore, Lviv may be proud that the figure of Franz Xaver is involved in the history of Lviv.

Why is LvivMozArt?
Inspired by Mozart, who at one time changed Lviv, we are now creating a new musical history, new formats and new traditions.

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