The letter is stranger

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Why go to the "Letter of the Stranger" show?

1. See how much a woman can love.
2. Understand how indifferent men are.
3. Understand what your own selfishness and inability to love can bring.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the show. You're almost there!

Why is a woman able to remain faithful to her husband all the time, whom she met accidentally and was only fun for him?

What is this: vain hopes, pursuit of happiness, senseless self-sacrifice or true love? The actors of the "Millenium" theater tell the story of the feeling that the heroine has carried through the whole life. The most significant events of her fate were several fatal meetings. But every woman knows: love is long suffering, love is merciful, she does not envy, does not glorify, does not become obedient, does not behave nicely, does not seek only her, does not tear to anger, does not think evil, does not rejoice in the truth, but is happy with the truth, everything is demolishing, believing, hoping, suffering ...


Lidiya Semesyuk / Natalia Shilova
Svetlana Cheka / Anna Gulyaeva
Natalia Shilova / Olga Popova
Alina Karpenko

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