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Performance MIŁOŚĆ/Love in Kyiv. Zoloti Vorota Teatr in Kyiv presents a vivid staging of MIŁOŚĆ/Love.

Why is it worth going to the performance MIŁOŚĆ/Love in Kyiv?

1. Non-standard definition of the genre of production.
2. At the same time, a simple and complex “portrait” of love.
3. Awesome game of talented actors.

Performance MIŁOŚĆ/Love in Kyiv

We invite you to the Zoloti Vorota Teatr for the performance of the Polish director Mikołaj Mikołajczyk MIŁOŚĆ/Lyubov. The definition of the genre of production is instantly intriguing and awakens the imagination: “the one who awaits the phone call knew love, knowing that he would never ring”. Book your tickets now!

Production by MIŁOŚĆ/Love on the stage of the Zoloti Vorota Teatr

A vivid performance is a multifaceted narrative of the strongest and greatest feeling – love. The creators of the production tried to give answers to difficult questions: what is love, what it is, whether everyone is able to love.

And does love always mean giving happiness and being happy? Indeed, sometimes an all-consuming feeling makes a man a slave, enclosing in invisible fetters...

MIŁOŚĆ/Love – these are different stories in which there is loss, joy, hope, illusions. This is unusual, honest and true.

The author of the idea, the director is Mikolay Mikolajczyk (Poland).
Actors – Volodymyr Kovbel, Vladyslav Onyshchenko, Khrystia Liuba, Orest Pastukh, Andrii Polishchuk, Artem Plender, Daria Tverdokhlib.

The duration of the performance is 75 minutes.

Attention: profanity is used.

For viewers from 18 years old.

Where to buy a ticket for the performance MIŁOŚĆ/Love in Kyiv?

To order tickets for the performance MIŁOŚĆ/Love at the Zoloti Vorota Teatr in Kyiv, go to Concert.ua. We always have a relevant poster in Kyiv.

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