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Love. Drugs. Chanson

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Why should you go to the play "Love. Drugs. Chanson"?

1. You will learn the incredible life story of the great Piaf.
2. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this Paris.
3. Hear the legendary French love songs.

What fate can you expect, if one of your grandmother is a brothel's owner, a second alcoholic, your dad is a street acrobat, and your mother left you in early childhood, and in general you were born blind!? What hope?

Only for a miracle! See and see the piano keys. Same black and white as the fate that awaits you... And instead of complaining, hear music and sing! Standing under the lantern on the dirty street of Paris, sing so that the whole world can hear you! Singing like no one ever, neither before you nor after you, did not sing! Become a miracle! Become Piaf!

A performance about a miracle, love, dependence, a big woman, a little bird...

“When I do not die of love, when I have nothing to die of - then I’m ready to die,” - Edith Piaf. Come to the performance and we will die of love together with the beautiful actress Nika Zarutskaya to the songs of the legendary Piaf.