Love on call, or Vareniki with striptease

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Why is it worth going to the play “Love on call, or Vareniki with striptease”?

1. The name speaks for itself: it will be interesting, fun and will be remembered for a long time.
2. The story that happened with the heroes of the play, certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.
3. The final performance will surprise and cause a storm of emotions.

Kiev Bravo Theater presents the spectacular comedy Love on Call, or Vareniki with a Striptease. An intriguing title, a dynamic plot and an unexpected ending - these are the main reasons to watch the production. Come!

What connects corrupt love, dumplings and striptease? It turns out there are "strings." The creators of the play and playwright Alexander Mardan clearly traced them in his play “Mother Daughters,” which formed the basis of the theatrical production.

Your attention is a story that, no doubt, could happen at any time anywhere in the world. As the saying goes, the oil painting: two women who provide dubious pleasures to the depraved man got so angry that they accidentally strangled the client ... Or maybe not by chance. And who is he: a lover of "strawberries" or a loveless victim of loneliness? Was he dead?

But the story of a man is secondary. The fate of the heroines who arrived in the big city with the desire to reach some of their heights and became a means to quench carnal comforts is much brighter.

Stage Director - Honored Artist of Ukraine Lyubov Titarenko.
We are waiting for you!

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