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Love confusion, or Past cases

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Why is it worth going to the play "Love confusion, or past affairs"?

1. It's easy.
2. Musically.
3. Actual.

We invite you to enjoy vaudeville - a classic genre that allows you to rest from problems and think about the eternal. Come to the play "Love confusion, or past affairs"!

This is the production of the play "Austrian Moliere" by Johann Nestroy. An ingenious comediographer from Austria was a true innovator of his time. But even now his works, like any classic, remain relevant. "Past Affairs" is the last play of Johann Nestroy, and by the way, the only one translated into Ukrainian.

Theater "Wheel" brilliantly adapted this comedy for our viewer. In the play, four characters - all bright and colorful characters. In the center of the narrative is an unusual married couple. Lucky, "beat out in people" gentleman, pleasant and at the same time roguish. He is desperately afraid of his wife - a pompous, capricious lady of high birth, which she never tires of mentioning. But in principle, everything was fine with them. While on the horizon did not appear one beauty and a fallen grandee. Because of them, and the things of the past days begin to emerge ...

You will be amazed by the uncomplicated intrigue, disguise and leapfrog of mise-en-scène. In general, a classic vaudeville with music and dances. The performance has been successfully performed for 14 years on the stage of the "Wheel" theater. Director-director - Irina Klishevskaya, People's Artist of Ukraine, composer -Vladimir Gronsky, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine. The duration of the performance is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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