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Imagine! The former farm, transformed into a cozy country house. A calm romantic evening is planned with her mistress. Candles, champagne, expensive gifts ... But there is a problem! The wife suddenly cancels her visit to her mother and decides to stay at home. Maybe now all of romance will have to be canceled ?!

No way! Our adventurous man, whose role is performed by the famous star of the cinema and television Georgiy Povolotsky, decides not to deprive himself of pleasant guests and gives his mistress for ... and the most interesting in this situation is that all this confusing love story will help to unravel only a drop of sincere feeling, about which characters still remember in the final.

Actors and performers:
Bernard - George Povolotsky
Jacqueline - Irina Bibik
Robert - Vladimir Khokhlov
Suzanne - Maria Khokhlov
Susetta - Katerina Kostina
George - Michael Strutzinsky / Alexander Rudko

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