Love games, or Remember all

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Why should you go to the play "Love Games, or Remember All"?

1. Get a positive charge for a long time.
2. Consider in the heroes of the play someone from his acquaintances and, possibly, himself.
3. Have a great time in the relaxing atmosphere of the theater.

Kyiv theater "Bravo" is a brilliant comedy "Love games, or Remember all." Do not miss!

For your attention - staging on the play of the modern playwright Alexander Mardan. The author himself once said: “The main thing is not to write a play, the main thing is to read it.” And in our case - not only read, but also created an elegant theatrical production. And that means, the viewer is awaiting a stunning evening in private with a talented play of actors and an exciting comedic storyline.

Director - Olesya Gusar.

Kyiv theater "Bravo" is popular among metropolitan theater-goers due to its repertoire, in which the eternal theme of the relationship between a man and a woman is central. The play “Love games...”, which will make many viewers think about their present and future, will not be an exception. And, of course, no one will refuse a good portion of positive emotions, which gives a bright comedy.

Waiting for you!

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