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Human voice

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Why go to the "Human Voice" performance?

1. This is not a staging of a famous piece, nor even an option for its comprehension. Rather, it's an attempt to think about your life in the presence of the viewer, along with the viewer.
2. This is usually not done - because the director can not risk, suddenly the viewer gets bored. But this is the destiny of the art house.
3. It's just beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

Monitoire based on the play by Jean Cocteau.

This is the last talk of a woman with her lover who recently left her and days to marry another. Conversation without hope, without the future ... but with love. So I would briefly describe my play as a playwright. But for the author of the show - this story is just an excuse for the experiment. He asks, and whether one-only relation is possible to this story. From his easy hand the performer makes three attempts to "enter" into history.

And the question is not what the attitude turns out to be more correct or more precise, but rather that comparing the attitudes in itself is interesting. And it may turn out that there is always the opportunity to choose how to treat one's own life. That is, choose how to live. A attentive, impartial spectator will even be able to postpone this conclusion to his life.

The project was implemented by the Truth / Perspective studio with the support of the National Center for Theater Arts. Les Kurbas
The author of the project and the director - Eugene Lapin.
Artist of the main role - Vitalina Isotova.
The duration of the show is 30 minutes.

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