Experimental digital exhibition "The magic of impressionism. Monet. Renoir."

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Why go to the event Experimental digital exhibition "The magic of impressionism. Monet. Renoir."?

1. Unique for Ukraine large-scale visual installations.
2. Atmospheric exposure design combined with digital technology ..
3. A new look at classical art.

A bright replenishment of experimental digital exposures in “Artery”! Light, colorful, magical atmosphere, as well as possible corresponds to the spring-summer season - all this is “The magic of impressionism. Monet. Renoir.

Several thematic parts will immerse you in a fantastic whirl of colors and images. The first block will be dedicated to one of the founders of impressionism, Claude Monet. Summer heat, juicy greens, flowers, clear water and a lot of sunlight. A real treat for the eyes and the heart!

The second part of the exhibition is the work of Auguste Renoir, another one of the most famous representatives of impressionism in the world. Although his path to recognition was not too easy and cloudless, the works of Renoir are absolute warmth, softness and play of colors.

Visit the "Artery" for full impressions!

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