Mein Kampf, or Socks in the coffee pot

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Why should you go to the play "Mein Kampf, or socks in a coffee pot"?

1. The performance impresses with the director's plan and talented actor's play.
2. The statement touches upon the theme of social blindness.
3. "Mein Kampf ..." - this is another opportunity to rethink your attitude to the surrounding realities.

"Mein Kampf, or socks in a coffee pot" - a vivid performance of the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater. Hasten to see the semantic and talented production!

The history of Hitler today is known throughout the world. But once a young Adolf was refused admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. The world did not know the incompetent creator, but faced a cold-blooded genius-killer. What is it: irony of fate or pattern?

At the time of writing the Book of Life, the philosopher and poet Shlomo Herzel expressed compassionate pity to the boy, Hitler. But could Shlomo foresee the author of what "New Gospel" will be this teenager! The play is about how blind people are, choosing their leaders and bitterly mistaken ... Directing and scenography - Eduard Mitnitsky. Waiting for you!

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