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Master class for children "Illusion", +6" in Kyiv will be held at the Production Center of Izmailova Marina.

Why should you go to the Master class for children "Illusion", +6" in Kyiv?

  1. An exciting event that every child dreams of attending.
  2. A professional presenter with whom no one will be bored.
  3. The opportunity to transform into a real magician for every participant of the master class.

Master class for children "Illusion", +6" in Kyiv

The incomparable Mykola Magus invites everyone to an interesting master class that will open the door to the magical world of tricks and illusions for children! Ready to turn into powerful wizards? - We are sure that it is. So don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity!

An amazing and exciting journey through the world of magic and miracles

During the master class, together with Mykola Mag, children will learn about the incredible secrets of the art of illusion, try their hand at tricks and perform impressive magic tricks. In addition, each participant of the master class will receive a special prop with which they can surprise family and friends at any time. The duration of the program is 60 minutes. Tickets are required only for participants of the master class. To a magical meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the Master class for children "Illusion", +6" in Kyiv?

You can always quickly order tickets online at Concert.ua.