Great dictators. Public speaking workshop

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Why should you go to a Public speaking workshop “Great dictators”?

1. Do self-development.
2. Improve your skills.
3. Mastery of public speaking is a necessity for a modern person.

“Great dictators” - the name of the cool master class of public speaking. Interesting pieces are waiting for you, a lot of interactivity and useful life hacks from actors of the Actor theater.

You have to speak publicly, but still do not understand how to overcome constraint, make friends with the audience and effectively convey the message to everyone in the hall? At the master class "Great dictators" real professionals will share with you the tricks and rules of effective public speaking.

The program was prepared by directors and actors of the theater and cinema: Slava Zhyla, Alexander Zhyla, Victoria Mushtey, Peter Rusanenko.

After the master class you will know for sure:
- what should be the beginning of the performance in order to inspire confidence in the audience;
- how to make your speech interesting and fascinating;
- how to gesticulate and skillfully hide uncertainty;
- how magnetism is brought up;
- there are many, many useful receptions for public speaking.

Waiting for you!