Masters of New Year Wonders

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Miracles happen only where they are waiting for them - this is the opinion of a mouse named Mary, who is preparing for the holidays and dreaming that a real winter wonder has finally happened in her house! But the target Oliver is a stubborn realist who doesn't see the point in this "festive fuss"! So the perfect family celebration is at stake…

That is why Jackie's dog and cat Tom will have to get involved in a rather adventurous story! After all, if miracles do not happen just like that, then you can try to arrange them yourself!

Hurry up on the exciting winter adventure of two little mice and their fun friends! Let's do miracles together!

Each viewer must have a separate ticket regardless of age.
There is a free landing in the hall, which is performed by the administrator before the performance begins. Chamber theater - all seats are convenient.

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