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Almost a family dinner

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Almost a comedy. A play without an intermission
  • Duration 1 hour 40 min
  • Creative director and director-teacher - Mykhailo Reznikovych
  • Assistant director - Denis Stepenko
It is as if an ordinary family dinner did not foretell anything unexpected, but it was she who once turned the lives of loved ones upside down. No one even realized that the banal, at first glance, the choice of a child's name is so
will sharply affect all members of the family that they will turn their souls out and throw out their uncontrollable, accumulated tension, frustrations and doubts.
The spectator will find out at the end of the play how this unexpected case, which initially turned out to be like an innocent joke, will be solved, why it will teach everyone, what it will help to cope with in order to resolve the conflict!

Actors and performers:

Elizabeth Garo-Larcher - Alexandra Jen
Pierre Garot, husband of Elizabeth - Alexei Polishchuk
Claude Gatignol, Elizabeth's childhood friend - Alexander Valyuk
Vincent Larcher, Elizabeth's brother, a childhood friend of Pierre - Maxim Nikitin
Anna Karavati, Vincent's friend - Alice Tunkevich

Age restrictions - 16+

Spectators younger than the specified age are not allowed to attend the event

Entrance to the auditorium after the event is prohibited.

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